Workshops and collective ground painting


A kolam workshop is an invitation to discover Indian culture, its mythology and the symbols of Indian iconography. It doesn’t matter whether we know how to draw; kôlam combines harmonious forms and the grammar of numbers.

It is the experience of a new space, the pleasure to touch soft or rough materials and to draw with the fingers.
Kôlam expresses in a simple way effort in happiness and deep relaxation and it develops instant concentration.

The hand as a tool plays an essential role in the recognition of oneself and of the other. In a world where too often the new technologies have cast a shadow over the manual world, it is vital to preserve hand-gesture education and to create the favourable conditions for its development.

Beyond the aesthetic interest which they offer, these kôlam, structured around a centre, favour listening to the inner voice.

Contents of a workshop :
Acquaintance with the ingredients (vegetable and mineral powders).
Initiation to the drawing and colouring techniques (the hand becomes a tool).
Learning of traditional designs.

Public: adults and children from 8 years onwards
Where : on linoleum or dark stone floor

Here is a gallery of various workshops.